Capital Medical University, China​

Capital Medical University, China

Capital Medical University, founded in 1960, is a major institution of higher learning in Beijing. It is a university established in collaboration with the Beijing Municipal Government, the National Health Commission, and the Ministry of Education.

The main campus of the school has 11 colleges, one research center, and one affiliated health school, including the School of Basic Medicine,  the General School School of Medicine ,the School of Medical Humanities, and, the School of Chinese Medicine

The affiliated health school will steadfastly follow the Capital Medical University’s vision of establishing a high-level research medical university, with a focus on the fundamental transition from secondary to higher education.

There are numerous affiliated and teaching hospitals.

Capital Medical University’s strategic development goal positioning is the construction of a high-level research-oriented medical university, and it adheres to the discipline construction policy of “carrying forward advantages, highlighting key points, cultivating characteristics, ensuring foundation, and strengthening application.”

The school has a strong academic reputation. It is the country’s first batch of doctoral and master’s degree authorization units. There are eight doctoral degree authorization points for first-level disciplines.

Students must first complete a Pre-Med Course before enrolling in Clinical Medicine.

Premedical tuition is 12,500 RMB per year, while Clinical Medicine tuition is 50,000 RMB per year.

The duration of clinical medicine is six years. Most of the first-year students are eligible for scholarships.

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Capital Medical University, China


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