northern state medical university

Northern State Medical University

Established in 1932, NSMU is located in the beautiful city of Arkhangelsk, the north of European Russia and is the biggest and best-known Medical University of the Russian North.

As well as the WHO (World Health Organization) and WFME (World Federation of Medical Education), the University is recognized by FAIMER and ECFMG (USA, Canada), the Medical Council of India (as per MCI Rules) and the Medical Board of Thailand. NSMU is also a member of the University of the Arctic (A union of 160 universities from all over the world. It opens the doors for exchanges, courses and further careers all over the Globe).

NSMU was rated by Forbes (2019) in Top-100 among the 1000 of Russian Universities. Now the University is rated in Top – 5 among the medical schools in Russia.

FMGE exam results of NSMU graduates in India are always one of the highest in Russia. Especially comparing with Moscow and St Petersburg medical graduates (For NSMU – 33% in 2019, the average score for Russia is 14% (first attempt)).

There are currently around 5,000 full-time students at NSMU, 1,100 of who are international students from over 15 countries. NSMU has a staff of 980, 400 of which are academics – including 80 professors, 250 Ph.D.

University buildings are provided with up-to-date equipment: computers, films, video aids and other modern appliances. Training at the modern center of the pre-clinical center presented by plenty of state-of-the-art medical mannequins and equipment is a part and partial of the educational program. At all there are 55 departments, 27 of them are clinical ones and situated at the best hospitals of the qualified specialists of different profiles according to modern requirements of the health care systems.

A system of professional training has been established at NSMU, which begins with pre-high school training, and moves through to training students as Doctoral Assistants and Medical Nurses. 

The tuition fees for Medical doctor ranges from 6000 to 10000 USD (according to the program).

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Study Medicine at the prestigious Northen State Medical University in Russia.



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