Study in Georgia

Study medicine in Georgia

Study in Georgia

Former Soviet republic Georgia lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia and boasts Black Sea beaches and Caucasus Mountain villages. Known for its fascinating landscapes and rich culture, it has a fascinating ancient history, an amazing cluster of cultures and religions. Whether you are looking for subtropical beaches or snowy peaks, lush forests or deserts, or enchanting villages or interesting cities, Georgia has something for everyone.

There is a very low cost of living in Georgia, making it a very attractive destination for international students. Whether they’re from Europe, the US, China, or elsewhere, most students agree that Georgia is a great place for students to study. The stunning beauty of Georgia also opens doors for thousands of international students by becoming a popular study destination. There are reputable Georgian universities that are recognized worldwide in this country.

Why study in Georgia


The majority of Georgians speak English fluently to communicate with foreigners, especially in larger cities.


Hospitality is extremely important in Georgian culture and they are famous for it. A Georgian is basically a majestic being who is always welcoming new guests, feeding them a feast, toasting them with their wines, and singing Georgian folk and polyphonic music to them.


Georgia has proven to be a comfortable and welcoming place where travelers can feel at ease navigating independently, despite the general safety habits to be followed when traveling or living in cities

Quality of education

University education in Georgia is of high quality and according to European and international education standards. As a result of technological development, science research, training, and knowledge levels are also raised.


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