Study in Northern Cyprus

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Study in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has over 40,000 international students and is officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are eight universities in Northern Cyprus that adhere to international standards and follow a credit system similar to that in the United States. The language of instruction at North Cyprus universities is English, even though Turkish is the main language spoken there. In Cyprus, tuition fees are affordable, so students with academic merit and financial need can apply for scholarships. Dorms or hostels are available to international students, and living costs are moderate. A room can accommodate one, two, or four students, depending on its size.

Additionally, institutions offer excellent facilities for sports, cultural activities, and social events. The benefits of pursuing a degree in Cyprus are numerous. As an international education centre, it has been attracting students from all over the world for the past decade, offering a good learning environment.

Why study in Northern Cyprus

Rich culture

North Cyprus has a rich history and culture, with lots of fascinating architecture and historical places to visit. And because it is a relatively small island, you are never far from a relaxing beach where you can soak up some sunshine. Students can find European, African, Asian and Mediterranean dishes all making an appearance.

Affordable tuition fees and living costs

North Cyprus offer very affordably living conditions for students and this is among the top reasons why Cyprus is fast becoming a student hub for students from many different countries and cultures.

Quality education

Universities in North Cyprus are known for quality Education at International standards and the degree programs are delivered in English. International Students have the opportunity to benefit from qualified faculty members at international standards.


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