Study in Lithuania

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Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe and is one of the three Baltic States. One of the most bilingual and educated nations in Europe, Lithuania is a member of the European Union and NATO. Foreigners are welcomed in this country because of its long-standing tradition of higher education. There are lower tuition fees and lower costs of living in Lithuania, so students can continue their higher education there. 

In addition to being ranked among the top universities in the world by QS University rankings, Lithuanian universities are also attracting an increasing number of international students.

Why study in Lithuania

High quality of life

A low cost of living in Lithuania translates into a comfortable standard of living. Getting around is easy due to the cheap and widespread public transportation system. Numerous leisure and sports activities are available in the city, as well as public parks and amenities that are easily accessible

Exciting culture and celebrations

Several international festivals are celebrated by Lithuanians, including Easter, when they decorate eggs in the traditional Margučiai style. Over the years, the cities have embraced the culture of the immigrants who have settled there, including their cuisine. These festivities provide students with the opportunity to learn about other cultures and immerse themselves in their celebrations.

Travel around

Education in the UK is of a higher standard, with institutions consistently ranking among the best in the world. Students are assured that they are receiving the best teaching, support, and resources because higher education institutions are held to strict standards by the government.


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