Why should we apply through Qadri International?

We are one of the oldest education consultancies in the world, with over 36 years to 38 years of rich heritage and experience. We are proud to have counseled half a million students and sent 60,000 to 70,000 students abroad. Students should only choose a consultant with a strong reputation, proven track record and a certain level of credibility. 

How much do you charge?

It depends on the universities that a student applies to. In most cases, we may only charge for the entrance examinations of the universities and not our service fees. In other cases, we may charge for our service fees.

What is the admission process like?

It is different for each university and you would need to have a conversation with one of our consultants to know the admission process for your desired universities

Do you guarantee admission?

We cannot guarantee admission for any student. It solely depends on a student meeting the admission criteria set by the universities. When it comes to medical universities, it depends on the result of the entrance examination.

What do we do if we can’t pass an entrance exam for medical studies?

We always prepare students for multiple options. Even if you don’t pass the entrance exam for one university, there are always other routes you can take.

Do you help with visas?

Our team of experts provide visa assistance at every stage. We provide all the guidelines for the entire process but do not guarantee a student getting their visa

How do I adjust to a new country?

n most cases, we offer a unique pre-departure briefing to students and parents. This is intended to prepare students for the new culture, campus, homesickness and so forth. It also helps parents mentally prepare for their children to go abroad. Moreover, students can connect with each other before travelling, they often tend to travel together and choose the same accommodation.

What sort of universities do you represent?

 We only work with reputed and accredited universities. This includes a blend of top-tier as well as middle-tier universities. These Universities offer accredited and internationally recognized degree programs by reputed authorizing bodies.

How much would it cost to study abroad?

The cost of a study depends from country to country. 

Can I work part-time in a foreign country?

Working part-time alongside a student’s study is very common. But the actual laws around it vary from country to country

What about my accommodation?

The accommodation is usually available on campus as well as off campus. Qadri International provides assistance for student accommodation on campus and off campus.

How do I adjust in a new country?

This is something unique to Qadri International. Before leaving for the destined country we give a special pre campus lecture session to students and parents. Helping them cope with the new culture, new campus, home sickness and the likes.