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Partnered Universities

Partnered Universities

Looking to study medicine abroad and become a doctor?

– Make a difference in the field of healthcare by studying in Europe, Georgia, Malaysia for a world-class and affordable medical education. Medical degrees in Europe are recognized around the world and can help you start a successful career.

-You can also gain international experience while making friends and discovering the culture of the country you choose to study in.

Take the opportunity to study medicine abroad and make a difference!

Did you know?

10 million more health workers are needed by 2030, primarily in low and lower-middle-income countries, as per the World Health Organization

If you have a passion for helping others and want to make a meaningful impact in the world, overseas medical education could be the perfect way to make a difference and follow your dreams.

Why Study Medicine in Europe, Georgia, Malaysia?

Studying medicine abroad can provide you with a unique learning experience and open endless opportunities for your future career.
Here are some reasons why studying medicine abroad is a great choice

• Access to world-class education: Studying medicine abroad offers you access to some of the best medical schools in the world, with top-notch facilities, experienced faculty, and comprehensive curriculums.

• Affordable: The tuition fee for studying medicine abroad at European medical universities is quite affordable, yet students receive a high-quality education. The cost of living in Europe is also considerably lower than in other countries, making it an attractive destination for international students.

• International exposure: Studying abroad allows you to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and gain exposure to different medical practices and techniques from around the world.

• Career opportunities: A medical degree from a reputed international university can provide you with a competitive edge in the job market, with opportunities to work in a multitude of countries.

• Less competitive: Compared to other regions, European medical universities experience lower levels of competition since their main requirement is usually to pass an entrance exam. Alternatively, they consider secondary school transcripts as well.

• High demand: As the world faces new health challenges, the demand for skilled healthcare professionals has been higher, creating a critical need for trained medical professionals. The demand for these professionals is high, making medicine an increasingly respected and necessary career path.

Overview of Medical Courses in Europe, Georgia, Malaysia

Fee structure for public universities (approximate)
6,500 EUR to 25,000 EUR per year
Fee structure for private universities (approximate)
15,000 EUR to 35,000 EUR per year
Cost of living (approximate)
600 to 1500 EUR per month
Duration of an MD
5-6 years
Medium of instruction
Exams required (If Applicable)
University entrance exam / Interview

Other Health Sciences/ Medical programs offered in Europe


5-6 years


6- years


3 years


3-4 years


4-5 years

Public Health

4 years


3-4 years

Medical Imaging

3 years

Veterinary Medicine

5-6 years


4 years

Admission Requirements

There are a variety of entry requirements for each university, and these differ for each institution in each country. In Europe, the most common requirements for entry into the medicine program are:

  • Possessing an A Level, IB, American Diploma, CBSE or an equivalent high school certificate that verifies the completion of 12 years of education.
  • Attaining satisfactory grades in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or Physics, demonstrating proficiency in the scientific field.
  • If applicable, students may have to take university entrance exams in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, which may include multiple-choice, open-ended, or a combination of question formats. Some Universities assess the decision-making, critical thinking, or scientific thinking of the applicants.
  • Participating in an interview to express your motivation for pursuing a medical career and exhibit unwavering dedication.
  • Taking part in Short MMI interviews to assess the candidate’s practical skills and qualities through multiple short assessments, offering insights into their decision-making, ethical judgment, critical thinking, and communication abilities.
  • Submitting a letter of recommendation or a personal statement.
  • Ensuring possession of a valid passport and other identification documents.

Admission procedure for Medicine programs in Europe

  1. Connect: with Qadri International once you have shortlisted the countries and universities you wish to study in
  2. Consult: with our experienced counselors to gain a deeper understanding and insights into the countries and universities you are interested in.
  3. Check the requirements for admission: Each university may have different requirements, but usually, you will need a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate, good English skills, your academic records, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and an interview.
  4. Start your application: Once you know the admission requirements, we will assist you to start applying. This usually means, providing your official academic records, your valid identification documents, a personal statement, and paying the university’s application fee.
  5. Take the necessary exams: Usually, European medical universities require candidates to take an entrance exam. This test may check the knowledge in Science and English.
  6. Interview: Some medical universities might want to interview you as part of the application process. The interview gives you a chance to meet with the people who decide on admissions and answer any questions they have about your application.
  7. Wait for the decision: The admissions committee will review your application and decide if they want to accept you. It can take a few days to hear back, so be patient while you wait.

Major Recognitions of European Medical Universities

Options to Study Medicine in Europe, Malaysia, Georgia

Study In Hungary

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Public health, Dietetics and many more courses in Hungary

Study In Hungary

Study Medicine In Hungary

Study Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Public health, Dietetics and many more courses in Hungary

Study In Malta

Study Medicine In Malta

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Study In Czech Republic

Study Medicine In Czech Republic / Study Dentistry in Czech Republic

Study In Italy

Study Medicine, MEDTEC, Nursing, Radiology, Physiotherapy in Italy

Study In Italy

Study Medicine In Italy

Study MEDTEC In Italy

Study Nursing, Radiology, Physiotherapy in Italy

Study In Malaysia

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical Science, Medical Biotechnology, and many other programs in Malaysia.

Study In Malaysia

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing etc in Malaysia

Study In Poland

Study Medicine In Poland

Study In Poland

Study Medicine In Poland

Study In Georgia

Study Medicine In Georgia

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Medical and Rehabilitation in Georgia

Study In Georgia

Study Dentistry, Physical medical and rehabilitation and Pharmacy in Georgia

Study In Germany

Study Medicine In Germany

Study In Germany

Study Medicine In Germany

Study In Serbia

Study Medicine, Dentistry in Serbia

Study In Serbia

Study Medicine In Serbia

Study Dentistry In Serbia

Study In Cyprus

Study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine in Republic of Cyprus

Study In Cyprus

Study Medicine In Cyprus

Study Veterinary Medicine in Cyprus

Study In Caribbean (Grenada or UK)

Study Medicine In Caribbean

Study In Caribbean (Grenada or UK)

Study Medicine In Caribbean

Study In Lithuania

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical and Veterinary genetics, Physiotherapy and many other programs in Lithuania

Study In Lithuania

Study Medicine In Lithuania

Study Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical and Veterinary genetics, Physiotherapy and many other programs in Lithuania

Study In Latvia

Study Medicine, Dentistry in Latvia

Study Dentistry in Latvia

Study In China

Study Medicine, Jilin University in China

Study Dentistry in Latvia

Study In Latvia

Study Medicine In Latvia

Study Dentistry in Latvia

Why Study Medicine Abroad with Qadri International?

At Qadri International, we offer the best guidance and assistance for students aspiring to study medicine abroad. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Diverse Selection of Medical University Options

  • We offer a broad range of medical universities abroad.
  • Internationally recognized medical programs including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and more are offered.
  • Highly ranked medical schools to choose from.
  • English-language programs are available for international students.
  • Numerous study destinations across multiple countries.

Unmatched Industry Experience in Medical University Admissions

  • Over 70,000 students have received counselled.
  • Our counsellors possess more than 38 years of experience.
  • We provide end-to-end admission assistance and guidance with a success rate of 98%.
  • Thousands of happy students and parents with transparent testimonials to check out.

We Conduct Medical Entrance Examinations

• As an authorized regional representative, we conduct medical entrance examinations for multiple renowned medical universities abroad.

Want to study medicine abroad?

Contact Qadri International Educational Consultants to start your medical career today!


Mahnoor Khan Charles University Faculty of Medicine
in Hradec Kralove School - Arab Unity School Dubai

“I’m going to First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and I applied through Qadri International. They have been supporting for all the procedures, for visa, for entrance exam and they have been guiding me a lot and I’m really thankful to Dr. Qadri for all his support and all his team.”

Karl William Lopez University of Warmia and Mazury in
Olsztyn School - Indian Excellent Private School Sharjah

“I’m going to be joining the University of Warmia of Poland for Medicine and I highly recommend Qadri International to my friends as they were very supportive in my entrance exam and guiding me to choose the right college.”

Awael Wael Qahtan Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove School-American International School

“Through Qadri International Services, I was able to secure spot in the Charles University Faculty Administration HK. I genuinely found their services to be very helpful and without them I don’t think I would have been able to secure spot.”

Nida Aqil Tbilisi State Medical University School - Gems Our Own English High School Dubai

“Qadri International has helped me so much. They have guided me and they are really kind. They explained and gave details and showed us so much about accommodation and everything else.”

Bushra Ali Mohamed Tbilisi State Medical University School - Emirates Private School Abu Dhabi

“Qadri International makes me know about the stuff about the college I haven’t known by that time. It helped me a lot and right now I’m ready and I’m going to my college next week. So thank you so much Qadri International. ”

Mariyam Khan Charles University School – Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai

“A big thank you to Qadri International for helping me out with the Entrance Exam and all the procedures that are related to; applying for a visa, receiving it. They were up to date on all the information I needed and I found this agency very helpful. So thank you Qadri. ”

Shwetha Sajithkumar Tbilisi State Medical University JSS International School, Dubai

“Qadri Consultancy has helped me quite a lot throughout the journey. They have made me comfortable; helped me throughout the downsides. I’m thankful for all their support.”

Anas Ali Khan Tbilisi State Medical University School –
Arab Unity School Dubai

“Qadri has really helped me to realize all about the Universities around the world. They have given me very detailed information about all the Universities and they also helped me decide what university is preferable for me. They also have the fees and everything is also really reasonable and the universities they provide; they also have reasonable cost.”

Mohammed Saleeq Tbilisi State Medical University School –
Elite English School

“My experience with Qadri International was quite very good. They were very informative in their own ways and as far as I know it’s one of the best consultancies I’ve ever been to because I had also been to going to another consultancy where I never was able to have a proper clarity with what they were been spoken or anything.”

Syed Osama Abrar Ali First Faculty of Medicine, Charles
University School – Ibn Seena English High School

“Qadri International helped us a lot. They gave us instructions about which Universities we had to consider for my field at least and they helped us with my entrance exam and told me step by step what I needed to know and how I’ll experience the stuff what I would know if I were to go there.”

Majdi Imad Charles University, Faculty of Medicine
in Hradec Kralove Al Dhafra Private School, Al Ain

“I recommend it to everyone; even I think to my younger siblings because it really becomes easy for you communicating with the Universities much easier through someone. I tried to apply on my own at the beginning; it really didn’t work out; Replies are short and normally not informative.”

Zenab Riaz University of Debrecen, Hungary School
– Our Own English High School, Al Ain

“I’m really satisfied; it was like the best experience I could have. They didn’t keep me lagging at anything. I recommended it to a couple of friends and even they’re going with me.”

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