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King Charles Medical College: Your Gateway to a Fulfilling Medical Career

King Charles Medical College, established with a unique vision, the institution redefines the acceptance process to medical schools, making it not only successful but also achievable for aspiring medical professionals. At King Charles, students get equal opportunities, supported by an esteemed academic team comprising experienced professors, doctors, and teachers. 

Why choose King Charles Medical College, Czech Republic?

The college offers a pre-med foundation program that is fully supervised by the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. They established a unique concept and aimed to make the acceptance process to medical schools more successful and achievable. 

During the foundation program, students learn and are trained at the university level, and they also prepare for official entrance examinations. The program teaches students about science, as well as oral presentations and how to handle various tasks in frontal-facing scenarios.

In addition, students have the option of obtaining A1, B2, and C1-level Czech Language certificates.

The foundation program provides students with a unique blend of university-level scientific learning, official admission exam preparation, and comprehensive readiness for their impending medical degree. 

They offer small classes with experienced professors, creating a unique learning experience for students. The classes are intentionally small so that students can get the individualized attention they need to succeed. The professors are passionate about teaching and have extensive experience in the medical field. They are committed to helping students learn and grow, and they create a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Programs offered:

The tuition fee for the 22-week Foundation program is 10,285 Euros which is approximately: 41,500 AED, and the tuition fee for the 38-week Foundation program is 16,500 Euros which is approximately 66,500 AED.

The intake for the 22-week program is in October and February (subject to availability), while the intake for the 38-week foundation program is in September.

How Qadri International can assist you?

At Qadri International, we specialize in guiding aspiring medical professionals through the admission process for King Charles Medical College. Our expert team with over 37 years of experience handles your application process ensuring a smooth journey into this esteemed institution.

In conclusion:

King Charles Medical College offers a student-centric approach in the culturally rich city of Prague. With small class sizes, experienced professors, and comprehensive support, we nurture your potential, ensuring active engagement, a strong sense of community, and improved learning outcomes. Your journey to a successful medical career begins here, supported by a holistic educational experience and enriching international exposure. Embrace the future of medicine at King Charles Medical College!