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Study in Ireland

Ireland has consistently been recognized as one of the most popular destinations for quality education. Ireland is a warm and friendly country that accepts students who speak English from all over the world. In terms of economic, cultural, and educational affairs, Ireland has very close relations with the UK. Irish higher education institutions and qualifications are globally known for excellence and, in many fields, deliver ground-breaking, world-class learning.

Ireland is now home to a thriving post-industrial economy, with a large electronics, computer and telecommunications market driving most of it. There is an immense inflow of capital into the nation that has created new vitality and added thousands of new jobs. With the implementation of the national qualifications scheme, the qualification structure in Ireland was modernized. With the exception of summer courses, which include a full-time course load, modules are provided in a wide range of facilities that have a GPA entry requirement. Many of these programs have credit transfer arrangements in foreign countries with universities and schools.

In addition to the complete spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Irish universities offer a wide range of study programs explicitly tailored to meet the needs of international students. These range from summer programs in a range of subjects to full programs for the academic year.

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