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Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Turkey, also known as Türkiye, is a country positioned partly in Asia and partly in Europe. In terms of territory and population, it is one of the larger countries in the region. It has been home to many deep-rooted civilizations for thousands of years, and everyone here is tolerant and respectful of each other. Turkey is an ideal place for international students because of its rapid improvement in higher education quality. Despite being one of the youngest higher education systems in the world, it has already gained a reputation for quality. Turkey’s universities offer a variety of English majors. 

The high level of education in Turkey is reflected in the inclusion of many Turkish universities in international rankings. Scholarships are increasingly available to overseas students for courses like engineering, business, humanities, and finance at Turkish universities, making Turkey an attractive choice for international students. Moreover, it is a member of a variety of international platforms and has been a member of the Bologna process since 2001. In addition to continuing their education abroad, students can also get their diplomas recognized abroad by using ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Why study in Turkey

Quality education

An advantage of Turkish Universities is their access to world-class laboratories, innovative technological advancements, and a conducive learning environment. In addition, students are offered the opportunity to receive education from world-class institutions and their faculty.

Affordable living expenses and tuition fees

Turkey is known to have one of the lowest costs of living among European countries. As a result, international students can expect to spend between 300 and 500 dollars per month. However, the exact amount depends on the student's individual situation and this amount changes for each student based on their lifestyle. The usual accommodation options include university dorms, studios, and private apartments that the students can sublet along with a roommate.

Friendly People and a safe country

Tourists, and students, of all nationalities, are welcomed by the Turks without any discrimination. Additionally, they are always happy to lend a hand when needed. Students are also able to enjoy a comfortable environment without disturbance in the country during their study period due to its culture and hospitality of the people as well.


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