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Study in Malta

Malta is an island country which is located in the central Mediterranean Sea. A small but strategically important group of islands, the archipelago has through its long and turbulent history played a vital role in the struggles of a succession of powers for domination of the Mediterranean and in the interplay between emerging Europe and the older cultures of Africa and the Middle East. As a result, Maltese society has been moulded by centuries of foreign rule by various powers, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Aragonese, Hospitallers, French, and British.

When it comes to the weather in Malta, it is a Mediterranean climate similar to that of southern Italy or Greece which is a reason for the country’s popularity with international students. During summer, it is around 30°C (86°F) and in winter not usually lower than 15°C (59°F) which is suitable weather for international students. When it comes to food, which is Maltese is similar to that of the neighbouring island Sicily. Fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta and seafood are all key elements. There is also a variety of traditional meals for the students to pick from. Malta also contains lots of restaurants specializing in cuisines from around the world.

Reasons to study in Malta

Quality education

Malta has some of the best institutions for higher learning. The presence of international schools in the country paves the way to more students to study in Malta.

Affordable living cost

It’s affordable to live and study in Malta. However, the cost of living can differ depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to stay. Generally, the expenses run low on the island. Prices of accommodation and food are affordable.

Malta Has a Perfect Climate

Another great reason to study in Malta is its summery climate. It is privileged to have approximately 300 sunny days in a year. Hence, during your stay in Malta, you can enjoy visiting different places because of the fine weather.


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