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Medical University of Warsaw: Cultivating Excellence

The Medical University of Warsaw is one of the oldest medical universities in Poland. For more than 200 years, it has been educating top professionals in the field of Medicine. The University strives to achieve the highest level of education, and scientific research as well as provide a full profile of specialized medical services of the highest quality.

Why choose the Medical University of Warsaw for your studies?

  • Quality of education: All the courses are delivered by outstanding medical professionals using modern teaching techniques in accordance with the European quality assurance standards. MUW graduates are well-prepared healthcare professionals ready to practice anywhere in the world.
  • Cultural enrichment: Every year MUW educates over 800 students from all over the world, they gain their medical knowledge in an environment that respects cultural, racial, and religious differences. This combination of different experiences, values, and lifestyles creates a friendly international Academic Community at the Medical University of Warsaw.
  • Extracurricular activities: the university encourages people to take up physical activity, offering a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

Program offered:

Medicine (6 years)- 16,100 EUR for the first year and 15,900 EUR for the rest of the years which is approximately 64,000 AED per year.

Ranking of the University

QS World University Ranking: Medical University of Warsaw is one of the top universities in Warsaw, Poland. It is ranked #401-450 in QS WUR Ranking By Subject 2023.

Student life in Warsaw

Student life in Warsaw is a dynamic and vibrant adventure, marked by a seamless integration of academic endeavors and cultural exploration. The city fosters an intellectually stimulating atmosphere, motivating students to partake in a plethora of educational opportunities. Warsaw’s lively ambiance is enhanced by a thriving social milieu, featuring trendy cafes, lively markets, and an array of cultural events, providing students ample chances to relax and forge connections with fellow peers. The city’s diverse urban landscape, combined with its historic charm, offers students an inspiring backdrop for both leisure and outdoor activities.

Admission requirements

To secure your spot at the Medical University of Warsaw, you’ll need to meet the following admission requirements. While these requirements can vary, here are some common prerequisites:

РAcademic Records: high school transcripts: 3 A levels, IB Diploma, American Secondary Diploma, or any other curriculum with 12 years of education. 

– Entrance Examinations: the program requires you to take an entrance examination to assess your eligibility for the course. Depending on the subjects chosen, additional subject entrance exams may be required.

Entrance examination 

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How Qadri International can assist you?

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In conclusion

The Medical University of Warsaw provides a route to academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and a promising future. Whether your passion lies in life sciences, engineering, law, environmental management, or the arts, MUW delivers a varied and thorough education that equips you for success in your chosen field. Discover the opportunities available at MUW and embark on your path toward a brighter future today.