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Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine

The Charles University First Faculty of Medicine is one of Charles University’s five medical faculties in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe and the 11th oldest medical institution in the world, having been established in 1348 at the same time as the university.

Long-standing reputations, unique ideas, and exciting specializations are all hallmarks of Czech universities. More than 44,000 international students are enrolled in Czech higher education institutions, and their numbers are the as more foreign language study programs (particularly in English) become available.

It is one of the leading and the most outstanding Medical Universities in the European Continent. It places a rank among the best 200 universities worldwide and stands out for its accredited features it depicts for its possessions.

In the EU and most nations, the degrees are completely recognized for at least restricted registration. The Faculty is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, which is issued by the World Health Organization (7th edition, 2000, page 105)

In terms of living, English will suffice; however, in order to interact with patients on the wards during clinical rotations, some basic Czech skills will be needed. During the first three years of medical school, the student can take Medical Czech lessons and tutorials. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to practice Czech in the region.

As consultants we have the ability to assist you in the admission process in the First Faculty; which offers Medicine and Dentistry entrances.

The tuition fee for the 6 year Medicine Course is 500,000CZK per year and for the Dentistry Course is 500,000CZK per year.

The entrance exams for all Eastern European Medical universities for both Medicine and Dentistry are conducted twice, where the applicant can select one from the two. The first round of the Entrance Exams for fall   intake will be in January/ February and the Second round will be in April/ May.

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