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First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Czech Republic: Shaping Medical Futures

The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in the Czech Republic is a premier institution for medical education. Nestled within the heart of Europe, with almost 1200 staff members and 3400 students represents the largest medical faculty in the Czech Republic. It is an integral part of Charles University from its foundation in 1348. As such, it is also the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe.
It’s known for its exceptional medical programs, outstanding faculty, and environment in Prague. If you’re considering a medical career and exploring international options, here’s why the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University should be at the top of your list.

Why choose the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University?

  • Internationally recognized medical programs: the faculty offers medical programs, including General Medicine and Dentistry. These programs are designed to meet international standards and prepare students for successful medical careers.
  • World-class faculty: the teaching staff consists of renowned experts and medical professionals who are dedicated to imparting the best medical knowledge and skills. Their expertise ensures that students receive top-notch education.
  • Research opportunities: the First Faculty of Medicine actively promotes research and encourages students to engage in groundbreaking medical studies. It’s a place where you can contribute to advancements in the field of medicine.

Student life: the charms of Prague

One of the advantages of studying at the First Faculty of Medicine is its location in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Here’s what makes Prague an ideal destination for international students:

  • Historical significance: Prague is renowned for its historical significance and well-preserved architecture. It’s a city where tradition seamlessly blends with modernity, offering a unique cultural experience.
  • Cultural heritage: in Prague, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Czech culture, art, and music. The city is home to many museums, galleries, and theaters, making it a hub of cultural exploration.

Vibrant student life: the city offers a vibrant student life, with numerous activities and events catering to a wide range of interests. Prague has something for everyone, whether you’re into sports, arts, or social activities.

Programs offered

Medicine (6 years) (MUDr.): 600,000 CZK per year (95,000 AED approximately / year)
Dentistry (5 years) (MDDr.): 600,000 CZK per year (95,000 AED approximately / year)

Rankings of the university

QS World Universities ranking: Charles University is one of the top public universities in Prague, Czechia. It is ranked #=248 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Admission requirements

To secure your spot at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University you’ll need to meet the following admission requirements:

  • Academic records: High school transcripts: 3 A levels, IB Diploma, American Secondary Diploma, or any other curriculum with 12 years of education.
  • Entrance examinations: The program requires you to take an entrance examination to assess your eligibility for the course. After the successful passing of the exam, a series of MMI interviews will be conducted.

Entrance examination dates

Being the regional representative of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Qadri International hosts onsite medical entrance examinations for GCC students invigilated by the University. For more info regarding the registration please contact us at +97143351390.

Dubai: January 28, 2024 and April 20, 2024
Bahrain: April 18, 2024
Qatar: April 19, 2024

How Qadri International can assist you?

At Qadri International, we specialize in guiding aspiring medical professionals through the admission process for the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. Our expert team with over 37 years of experience handles your application, registration, entrance exam process, assistance with visa application, pre-departure assistance, and more, ensuring a smooth journey into this esteemed institution.

In conclusion

Choosing to study at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University is a significant step toward a rewarding medical career. It offers a top-tier medical education and an enriching cultural experience in the heart of Europe. Your journey to medical excellence starts here, and Qadri International is here to support you every step of the way.