Abbey College, Prague, Czech Republic

Study medicine in Czech Republic

Abbey College, Prague, Czech Republic


Preparatory Course for Charles University Entrance Exam: Abbey College, Malvern, UK, in coordination with Qadri International, recognizes the need for academic support and wants to offer enthusiastic students the unique opportunity to consolidate their learning and prepare to sit an entrance exam with an online medical revision course.

Abbey College is offering a Foundation/Year Zero course, taught in English, in Prague at the Krystal teaching facility of Charles University for students that wish to prepare for entry into undergraduate year one examination for the Medical Program. It is known to have a 100 percent success rate on its UK course over the last eight years, with all students passing entrance exams and placed in a Czech Faculty at the end. Moreover, they allow students flexibility and personalized choices towards the decisions made for their future by guiding them in the right direction by considering their aims and background.

Ultimately, this is an excellent pathway for graduates of American higher diploma to take the entrance exam for Charles University’s first faculty, who would otherwise be unable to apply without AP Biology and Chemistry. Students have access to a Student Liaison Officer, who will meet the students on arrival, assists them with everything from settling in, planning the social program, and anything they require throughout the year. Students will also be able to access the privileges and facilities of Charles University as the other degree courses students, including having accommodation and classes provided on campus.

Finally, for further details and the complete Registration process, Application & Entrance Exam contact Qadri International as our expert Admissions team will be taking care of the entire process on your behalf. Please contact our office on +97143351390, Email: info@qadri-international.com or WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/MZ7G4JWO5PWEK1

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