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Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered as the world’s 46th largest country (before Madagascar and after South Sudan). It is also the entirely second-largest country in Europe (before metropolitan France after the European part of Russia).

The possibility of free education is provided to all its citizens in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution. Public high schools are compulsory in public schools which include huge. Top higher education and institutional education are provided on an institutional basis. There are also a small number of formal specializations for secondary and higher education.

Ukraine has the fourth-largest number of post-secondary graduate graduates in Europe. Ukrainian Universities offer two diplomas: undergraduate degree (4 years) and master’s degree (5-6 years). The Ukrainian higher education system includes higher education, scientific and methodological sites in national, municipal and self-government response bodies for education.

Ukraine considers it a better research outcome for those students who are seeking for quality education at a reasonable cost. Apart from the tuition fee, the cost of living is also cheaper in Ukraine compared to other European countries.

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