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Faculty of Medicine in HRADEC KRALOVE, Charles University

The Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe, was established on April 7, 1348.

Charles University in Czech Republic is one of the most prestigious universities worldwide. It has five different campuses called faculties, the one in Hradec Kralove city is known as Hradec Kralove faculty of Charles University.

As the first university faculty in East Bohemia, the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove began its educational activities on November 25, 1945. The Hradec Kralove Faculty of Medicine was established as a branch of the Prague Faculty of Medicine.  

It was possible to quickly develop both a high-quality teaching staff and an efficient departmental structure in Hradec Králové thanks to their cooperation and assistance. Up to date, the studies have almost 10,000 general and dentist doctors.

The Master’s program consists of a 6-year General Medicine program. International students can enroll in English-language programs in general medicine.         

Clinical training takes place at the Faculty Hospital, a 1400-bed facility with 37 clinics and departments and a staff of 4000 doctors and nurses.

In the undergraduate medical degree research programs here in the Czech and English languages, there are currently 1509 students studying General Medicine and Dentistry.

As consultants, we have the ability to assist you in the admission process in the Faculty of Medicine in HRADEC KRALOVE; which offers Medicine entrances.

The tuition fee for the 6 years Medicine Course is 350,000CZK per year.

The entrance exams for all Eastern European Medical universities for both Medicine and Dentistry are conducted twice, where the applicant can select one from the two. The first round of the Entrance Exams for fall intake will be in January/ February and the second round will be in April/ May.

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