Study In China

There is more to China than "The Great Wall" and that is why China has become one of the most popular destinations to study abroad. In 2013, more than 330,000 international students came from 180 different countries and numbers are still rising. Let's have a look at some main stream reasons that foreigners want to study in China in these large number:

Affordability in terms of education and living in China is cheaper than many renowned countries such as United States, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and many more. The tuition fee per semester is usually under 1000 US dollars, while in UK and US it goes up to 10,000 US dollars. From meals to monthly rent, China is affordable.

Another great reason to study in China is the safe living conditions available in the country.

People are welcoming and enjoy telling you the history of the country and their culture.

China makes up a large part of the global market so getting employed is relatively easier.

Popular fields of study? A range of options such as engineering, science, medicine, trade and many more.

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